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[GET] Udemy - The ABCs of Instructional Design

The ABCs of Instructional Design

A systematic step by step approach to instructional design. 
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This workshop is designed to simplify course or  unit design by modeling a systematic approach to instructional design. Unit and  course design is by nature complex, but in this workshop we will apply 2  instructional design models to help us break down the design process into more  manageable units: the ADDIE Model and the Understanding By Design (UBD) Model. Case studies, assessment tasks, instructional websites, videos, and supplemental readings have been carefully selected to model the practical application of the design models.
If you are a secondary or higher education teacher, teaching fully online or looking for a way to supplement your face-to-face instruction with online instruction, you will find one or more sections of this course valuable as you plan, create, and implement an online learning environment. The course is self-paced and designed with the expectation that students will review the content according to their specific requirements. Discussion is a critical component of the instruction and we encourage interaction between students and with the facilitator(s) in the course discussion forum.

[GET] Udemy - Design while you learn InDesign CC

Design while you learn InDesign CC

We create while we learn how to set up and design a neat looking menu card. We use skills that make changes easy to do. 
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Learn while you spend time designing a menu card in the industry leading Adobe InDesign. It's not just about all the tools but also how you will use them to get your layout clean and beautiful.
You will get all the basics so you can deliver a PDF for print or even for online presence. You will experience how to import text from another document and how to clean it up. Then you will utilize InDesign's powerful styles. The styles that will make you life easy and do the formatting playful.
Get into the structure of an efficient design where you can make changes globally in your InDesign layout. The learn how to style dots and change fonts all over while you need some other more funky colours. Learn the cool stuff about:
  • Paragraph Styles (get the typography styled like a dream)
  • Character Styles (maybe some words need to be different within the mother style)
  • Swatches (have them all in the same space for easy access)
  • Set up the panels needed (workspace)
  • How to create and use Tabs (extremely cool for lists)
  • Make correct bleed on print documents (no failure allowed!)
  • Make odd size documents
  • Import text
  • Insert images and how to scale, rotate and handle them
  • Create a PDF for print
  • Create a PDF for online distribution
  • Ensure you images can be printed in perfect quality (preflight)
  • Make easy design changes to you InDesign layout
This course is based on the no frills concept. We do not waste time in minor settings we don't need to know for now. We focus on getting it done right.
After this course you are able to produce flyers, business cards, small posters, hand-outs, product sheets and other. In other words: common marketing material for the busy professional or wannabee pro!

[GET] Udemy - Create E-commerce Site Of $5000 In Just $25 From WordPress

Create E-commerce Site Of $5000 In Just $25 From WordPress

This is a Step By Step Course To Create A WordPress Site With NO Coding Required 
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This is a Step By Step Guide To Create A E-Commerce site from WordPress With NO Coding Required.
The site that we will make in this tutorial will easily cost up to $5000, if you don't agree on this then just ask for the quotation to some professional web developer and then you'll know the value of this course.
If you follow this tutorial you would make the eCommerce site under $25. Yes Mark My Word ;) Subscribe this course to know more.
The E-commerce aspect of your website is Woo Commerce, a popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress.
In this course we cover following Topics:
  1. Register Domain Name
  2. Setting Up Hosting From HostGator
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install Theme
  5. Customizing Theme For Our Use
    1. Setting Logo
    2. Adding Products
    3. Creating Coupons
    4. Payment Gateway

[GET] Udemy - Speed Training Workshop for PowerPoint

Speed Training Workshop for PowerPoint

Making You 3x Faster at PowerPoint 
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Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels in PowerPoint, thinking 'There's got to be a better way'? Do you ever wonder how top performing professionals get so much more done in the program than you do?
They aren't just working harder or spending more hours at their desk; they're approaching the program in a completely different way and using specific strategies and techniques to crank through common repetitive tasks in record timing.
This 3x Faster Workshop is the first program to show you how high performing professionals actually use the program. In 4.5 hours, we'll break down and teach you a systematic approach for building and editing professional grade slides, using shapes, lines and text boxes, the core building blocks of slides used in client pitches, proposals, research reports, investment memorandums, etc..
Take our Speed Challenge:
How fast can you become? Take our Speed Challenge (download or watch below) and compare your results to ours. You'll see that the strategies and techniques you use, or don't use, make a big difference.
Included in this Speed Training Workshop:
  • 4.5 hours of hands on exercises and training
  • Blank and filled exercise decks to follow along with and compare your work to
  • Our customized QAT designed and tested to cut down repetitive tasks
  • A cheat sheet of the 30 + shortcuts covered in this workshop
  • 20 + sample slides you can immediately use in your own professional presentations
Workshop Outline
Unit 1: Getting Intimate with the PowerPoint Environment - Understanding how to leverage the PowerPoint environment to get things done quickly is a critical piece if you want to be 3x Faster at PowerPoint. We've spent years testing ways to minimize repetitive tasks and optimize the environment for speed, so in this unit we'll show you exactly how to get things done fast.
Unit 2: The Challenge Slides - Using the core building blocks to build and edit professional grade slides quickly. Unit 2 is packed full of strategies, tips, tricks and techniques to build professional grade slides as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In this unit we'll develop the core strategy of Respecting Both Ends of the Deck.
  • Part #1: The Challenge Slides: a step-by-step walk through of how to build both challenge slides, from scratch, in less than two minutes.
  • Part #2: More Complicated Layouts: overcoming common problems associated with building and editing content heavy slides.
Unit 3: The Ninja Line Academy - Introduces our Secret Weapon, the Ninja Line, which allows us to pull off otherwise impossible alignments. The Ninja Line is what will make your slides perfect and a cut above the rest.
Unit 4: Making the Connection - A deep dive on how to use lines in hierarchies and flow processes. Unit 4 includes exercises for dealing with the many inconsistencies of lines, as well as a step by step re-haul of a real world connector slide gone wrong.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this a workshop about all the different features of PowerPoint, how to save a presentation, where to find the picture formatting tools, etc.?
No. We do not assume you are computer-illiterate. There are other courses out there that will show you the 'what' of PowerPoint; this workshop focuses entirely on the 'how'. Each unit is packed full of strategies and techniques you can use every single time you work in PowerPoint. If it isn't useful for completing tasks today, we don't cover it.
Does the workshop include public speaking tips, crafting a better presentation (how many slides, how many bullets, etc.), story-boarding, or general tips on how to develop a better message?
No. This workshop focuses specifically on the technical applications of being 3x Faster working in PowerPoint. For all intents and purposes, this workshop assumes that you already know what you want to include in your presentation, and focuses on showing you how to build it as quickly as possible. If you are looking for guidance on how to build and deliver a "Steve Jobs" presentation, this workshop is not for you.
Is the workshop about building "warm and fuzzy" slides that entertain or dazzle an audience?
No. This workshop assumes your job is to build professional grade slides to impress your boss or colleagues in professional settings, not to build slides to show your holiday photos to friends on the weekend.
Will I learn how to create animations and slide transitions?
No. This workshop focuses on content heavy slides that are sent via email or printed for review...the types of slides where animations and slide transitions are irrelevant and a waste of time.
I've been using PowerPoint for 9 + years, will I learn anything?
If you can complete our Speed Challenge in less than two minutes, then you do not need to take this course. Otherwise, you will learn a repeatable system you can use to build slides, like those in our Speed Challenge, in record timing.
How fast can I become?
How much you get out of this workshop depends on how much you put into it. The goal is to teach you a systematic, repeatable system to quickly build content. If you are willing to learn our system and follow along with us, you'll have all the tools to build slides like the Challenge Slides in less than two minutes. To get a sense of how fast you are now, take our Speed Challenge (download or watch below), and compare your time to ours.
Why the focus on shapes, lines and textboxes?
We focus on improving the speed with which you accomplish everyday tasks in PowerPoint, using the core building blocks of professional presentations: shapes, lines and textboxes. These objects account for at least 80% of all the objects used in content heavy slides in the professional world, so being able to manipulate these core building blocks quickly and effectively is critical.
My company uses set templates. Will I still be able to get something out of this workshop?
Absolutely. Most templates are built using shapes, lines and textboxes, so learning our system will help you become an expert at manipulating your templates.
Can I take this course if I'm using a Mac?
The short answer is no, this system does not work with Microsoft Office for Mac. The long answer is yes, but you'll need to boot up your Mac with a Windows operating system and use a PC keyboard to follow along.
Which version of PowerPoint do I need to follow along?
You can follow along with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013. Throughout the workshop, we'll use PowerPoint 2013, but we’ll make note of any differences between the versions so that you can follow along regardless of which version you are using.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[GET] Udemy - Android Programming Video Tutorials for beginners in English

Android Programming Video Tutorials for beginners in English

First tutorial series about "Android Development for Beginners". I'm working on a new version. 
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  • SECTION 1:
    My First Section
  • 1
    Android 1 Programming Tutorial install SDK, Eclipse plugin and Hello world first program
  • 2
    Android 2 Programming Tutorial Components and Project Structure
  • 3
    Android 3 Programming Tutorial. User interface Java versus Xml
  • 4
    Android 4 Programming Tutorial User Interface using Drag and Drop
  • 5
    Android 5 Programming Tutorial Navigating with Intents.
  • 6
    Android 6 Programming Tutorial. Architecture
  • 7
    Android 7 Programming Tutorial. adb.exe and SQLite
  • 8
    Android 8 Programming Tutorial. Storing data in SQLite
  • 9
    Android 9 Programming Tutorial. ImageView, CheckBox, RadioButton, RadioGroup

[GET] Udemy - Build Applications with Java EE - The Basics

Build Applications with Java EE - The Basics

A practical course for creating Java EE applications using Eclipse. 
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Java is an OO language that is the #1 sought after skill by companies, but companies usually want people with Java EE skills because they need to connect users with information in the enterprise, which may come from servers, databases, and/or other internal/external sources. This course targets programmers doing real work on real projects. The goal is to provide a solid understanding of the following:
  • Overview of Java EE technologies
  • Java EE architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Environment setup
  • Java EE-related Specs in Java SE:
  • Java Database Connectivity
  • Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)
  • Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
  • Streaming API for XML (StAX)
  • Web Application Technologies:
  • Java API for JSON Processing
  • Java API for JSON Binding
  • JavaMail 1.5
  • Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.2 client
You'll find example, downloadable code for the features discussed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[GET] Udemy - Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn how to play thousands of your favorite songs on guitar in just 3 weeks! 
Your Free Udemy Course:
Most beginners think that you need to know thousands of chords to play thousands of songs. NOT SO! You really only need to know a handful of chords and a few strumming patterns to play thousands of rock, folks, blues and pop songs.
The reason guitar is the most popular instrument on the planet is because it's the quickest and easiest instrument to learn how to play. You do NOT need to read music. You do NOT need to learn music theory. You do NOT need to struggle through exercises, or practice scales, or learn how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.
Fact is that thousands of popular songs can be played with 8 simple chords or less. Learn just the A chord, D chord and E chord and you'll be able to play hundreds of blues, folk, pop and rock songs. Why is this so? Because rock, pop, folk and blues songwriters all use the same handful of chords - it's their melodies and arrangements that make their songs distinctive, NOT the chords they are using in the song.
So, if you learn that handful of chords, and learn those few strumming patterns, along with the basics of holding and tuning a guitar, then you too will be able to play thousands of songs. And that's the simple truth.

World renowned guitar educator Ravi has taught thousands of people to play their favorite songs on guitar with his breakthrough 21-day course. The "trick" behind this course is really no trick at all; over the 21 days you'll learn how to hold and tune the guitar, how to play eight simple chords, how to strum, and how to keep a beat.

No gimmicks. No "magic" formula. No nonsense.
You will need to set 20 minutes a day aside for your practice sessions. No more and no less. And you are asked to do this for 21 days straight. Yes, you can skip a day or two but the daily repetition and practice regiment is the key to your success.
Ravi has also included additional lessons for you to work with beyond the 21 days. You'll learn more open position chords, the moveable barre chord system (worth the price of admission alone!), how to read chord charts, and how to easily and quickly learn songs from sheet music, song books and lyric sheets that you download from the internet.
Ravi will step you through the course and each of your practice sessions on the video lessons. Follow the course for those 21 days and beyond and we guarantee that you'll be prepared to start playing and building your own repertoire of favorite songs to accompany yourself or play in a band setting.
No, you will not be an Eric Clapton in 21 days and we wouldn't suggest you book your first gig on the 22nd day BUT you will be a guitar player and you will be well equipped to learn ALL of your favorite songs.
If you've always wanted to learn to play guitar so that you can strum along and sing your favorite songs, Learn Guitar in 21 Days is likely the answer you've been seeking. Grab your guitar, boot up Ravi's first lesson and let's start making music right away!
NOTE! We get asked all the time why a guitar educational company with so many advanced courses would offer such a simple solution to learning guitar without having to learn how to read music, learn theory or work through a more "formal" learning methodology. The answer is really simple; you never stop learning music but you do have to start. If your introduction to music is boring, tedious and generally a struggle, you'll likely pack the guitar up in its case and stick it in the closet. If it's fun, engaging and you can prove to yourself that you can really do it, then you'll spend a lifetime enjoying and learning guitar. Hopefully, TrueFire and our massive library of instruction will enhance that lifetime of enjoyment.