Sunday, February 26, 2017

[GET] Udemy - The Full JavaScript & ES6 Tutorial - (including ES7 & React)

The Full JavaScript & ES6 Tutorial - (including ES7 & React)

The most in-depth course on ES6 around. Start with JavaScript, deep-dive into ES6, & even more (Webpack, ES7, & React)!


Become a highly-demanded software engineer and developer by taking this in-depth tutorial on JavaScript and ES6. As one of the most highly-paid languages in the industry, learning ES6 will open so many opportunities and jobs for you!

This course contains a ton of creative content, so you’ll learn JS and in-depth ES6 in a stimulating, informative, and fun way.

Filmed tutorials will get you coding yourself. The videos will ensure that you understand the reason behind each new line and keyword.

Optional quizzes and coding challenges reinforce key concepts. Next, coding breaks in each section allow you to approach the course at your own pace. Jokes come up every now and then, especially in the breaks. Who knows, you may chuckle at some ES6 humor!

If you’re new, then this course gives a great intro to JavaScript as a first programming language. If you have a lot of experience, then you’ll find a nice overview of JS and in-depth ES6 topics. Either way, this course is perfect for you!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into JavaScript and ES6 and start coding!

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants a top-to-bottom intro to JavaScript.
Someone who hopes to elevate their JS with in-depth es6 knowledge.
An experienced programmer wanting an overview of advanced es6 topics.

[GET[ Udemy - Learn Object Oriented Programming PHP fundamentals bootcamp

Learn Object Oriented Programming PHP fundamentals bootcamp

Object Oriented Programming in PHP tutorial learn how to use the fundamental building to create amazing applications

Get Access for Free Here:

Exclusively designed web development course for Udemy!!! Summer Sale

Web development course about PHP OOP. Wordpress is based on PHP OOP, this course will help you understand the building blocks of Wordpress.

Learn the benefits of knowing how to use Object Oriented Programming. OOP is perfect for larger projects used everywhere online.

Web Copy Cat

What is the top PLR store Business in a Box?

What is the top video distribution tool?

Everything you need to learn Object Oriented Programming is provided within this course.

exclusive download PDF resource ebook
no wasted time watching someone type
quick lessons get right to the point
fully covered topics with real world examples
over 9 source files downloadable to work along
challenges and lessons
30 day money back guarantee
new course material added regularly
trusted name in education since 2002
full HD easy to read source coding
Learn the foundations of PHP coding to develop a solid base to continue to expand your knowledge.

Object Oriented Programming is becoming a crucial skill to have when developing content online. OOP principles are consistent across all Object Oriented Programming languages, so foundations here will help you learn additional languages.

Learn how you can reuse code and create your own libraries that will Save you time.

Object Oriented Programming PHP is robust code to reuse and save time.

Object Oriented Programming PHP helps you manage and update large code bases effectively and efficiently

Our practical approach will teach you to build your own OOP application

Learn all the building blocks of PHP Object Oriented Programming in one course. Use these building blocks to build ANYTHING online. From web applications to micro sites to full scale enterprise level content sites.

Who is the target audience?
PHP developers
Anyone who wants to learn more about PHP
Anyone who wants to create content online
Web Developers
Web Designers
Web Coders
Web Managers
Digital People

Thursday, February 9, 2017

[GET] Udemy - How to Make a WordPress Website in 2017

How to Make a WordPress Website in 2017

WordPress Beginners - Learn How to Make a WordPress Website in 2017 Using a Free Theme!


Basic Computer Skills

Top Web Tools

Plato Web Design

Origin Builder
In this tutorial series I go step by step through the process of creating a WordPress website for beginners. This series of videos teaches beginners how to make a WordPress website in 2017 on their own. By the end of the course students should feel much more confident in their ability to find their way around the WordPress dashboard and customization areas as well as complete basic websites from start to finish! If you're considering making your own website or a website for a friend or family member, but you're not quite sure what you're doing this course could be helpful for you!

Friday, January 27, 2017

[GET] Udemy - Online Arbitrage Beginner To Full Time - Amazon FBA Training

Online Arbitrage Beginner To Full Time - Amazon FBA Training

Online Arbitrage Guide: Everything that you need to know to go from a complete beginner to a full time Amazon FBA seller

Course Description

Online arbitrage from beginner to pro seller in 2 weeks. Do you want to learn how to buy products on the internet and sell them automatically via Amazon? Online arbitrage is basically purchasing products on the internet to resell online for a profit. 
In this course, we look at effective ways to do research online, from the comfort of your home, so that you can find products are in hot demand on Amazon. I show you how to track products and prices so that you never miss a good opportunity to make a profit. 
When you complete this course, you will have a complete understanding of the Online Arbitrage business model and you will have the skills to consistently find profitable products that you can resell on Amazon for massive profits. It is the best online arbitrage course for new sellers.
See you on the inside :)

What are the requirements?

  • how to use the internet
  • how to copy and paste.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find products to purchase and sell on Amazon for a profit.
  • Fully understand how to make money with Amazon FBA and Online arbitrage.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn a fast and effective way to make money online.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Amazon FBA and making money with online Arbitrage.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

[GET] Udemy - 4 Specialized Techniques To Maximize Testosterone & Muscle

4 Specialized Techniques To Maximize Testosterone & Muscle

Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone To Achieve Impressive Lean Muscle Gains WITHOUT Steroids or Other BOGUS Drugs

Course Description

Could It Really Be Possible To Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone To Achieve Impressive Lean Muscle Gains WITHOUT Steroids or Other Dangerous Drugs?
This Breakthrough Course Backed By Scientific Research Reveals 4 Specialized Training Techniques That Significantly INCREASES Your Natural Testosterone and Growth Hormone…Setting You Up To Get BIGGERLEANER and STRONGER In ONLY 180 Minutes A Week.
Plus:  The Shocking Reason Why NOT Performing Certain Muscle Groups First and Applying These 4 Specialized Training Techniques To Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy Keeps You OVERWEIGHT…Keeps You SMALL…And Keeps Your Testosterone Levels Low Like That Of A Little Girl.
Scientists, Professional coaches, and Olympic trainers discovered that these 4 SPECIALIZED TRAINING techniques increased strength, muscular size, fat burning, and record breaking lifts by UNLEASHING the body's natural anabolic hormones responsible for growth!
Dear Friend,
Do you know how to tell if you have low testosterone?
If not, you’re at a real disadvantage when it comes to building lean muscle, losing fat and building a strong body…
I hate to be the bear of bad news, but if you are not getting at least 4-5 morning erections (aka “morning wood”) you could be suffering from low testosterone levels.
In the adult male, SREs (Sleep Related Erections) are linked to levels of testosterone, with testosterone production also peaking during REM sleep.
As testosterone levels drop, frequency of SREs declines.
However, you’re not alone.
Most men don’t realize how low their testosterone levels are and struggle to build lean muscle while losing ugly belly fat.
In fact it took me some digging around in research articles to discover some of the biggest breakthroughs for increasing testosterone and growth hormone naturally WITHOUT the use of steroids and other dangerous drugs.
Put simply…
Applying 4 specialized training techniques into your workouts to maximize muscle hypertrophy radically accelerates BOTH testosterone and growth hormone which ultimately increases muscle gains, strength, reduces injuries, prevents muscle imbalances and boosts your fat burning metabolism into a fiery furnace.
It’s pretty easy to imagine how fast you’ll build a strong and powerful body that’s Un-Stoppable when you begin to apply these specialized training techniques right into your workouts that increase testosterone and growth hormone in the shortest time possible.
When you enroll into this course I’ll show you what those specialized training techniques are and how you can implement them into your training for maximal muscle hypertrophy.
This is critical because if you are performing your workouts in the wrong way you’ll be essentially castrating yourself keeping your testosterone and growth hormone levels suppressed like an 80 year old man.
Having below average testosterone and growth hormone levels can be the root cause of chronic problems such as:
    •    Poor performance and sex drive 
    •    Restlessness
    •    Stress
    •    Excess Belly Fat
    •    Lack of Strength and Power
    •    Suffer from erectile disfunction
If any of this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry because many men are in the same boat living in quite desperation.
Not applying the right workouts that trigger natural testosterone and growth hormone will keep you exactly where you are and most professional trainers ever tell you about it.
When You Train Based on These Four Specialized Techniques, "You’ll Unleash And FLOOD Your Body With An Anabolic Response”  That Forces Your Body To "INCINERATE Fat” While "Building Muscle” At The Same Time! 
This discovery comes from recent scientific research pioneered by olympic coaches and hypertrophy specialists to do one thing:
Take an ordinary man and turn him into a man of confidence, power and strength.
I’m talking about the kind of techniques that when done “effectively” and “efficiently” and performed in the right order, you’ll unleash and flood your bodies ability to grow BIGGERSTRONGERLEANER…with lasting erections you can hang a wet towel on!
(and no, it’s not the 5x5 program or those insane DVD workouts)
I’ve Used And Witnessed The POWERFUL Effects Of These Specialized Techniques First Hand As It Skyrocketed My Testosterone While Building Lean Muscle Mass.
I’ve studied hundreds of techniques and four of them really stands out for me…
These 4 Specialized Training Techniques Are The Secret Key To Unlock Your Body’s Natural Anabolic Growth Hormones Regardless Of Age Or Genetics.
Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Lactic Acid is more critical than your diet or any workout program you follow. You must execute each rep, each set and each exercise using these 4 techniques above to kick-start the anabolic hormones responsible for lean muscle growth.
If you fail to apply ALL 4 of these techniques you just learned, it doesn’t matter how disciplined you are with your diet such as, how much protein, carbs, and fats you consume or what workout program you follow.
But if you act on what I just explained to you starting today, you’ll be way ahead of your buddies and other guys around the world.
Just imagine right NOW what a KILLER body will do for you in your job, marriage, dating relationships, winning the respect of others around you, rekindling an old flame, and the most valuable currency of all, time!
Imagine how you'll feel right NOW when everything seems to go your way effortlessly because of your NEW physique that only took you a minimal amount of time to achieve.
To increase more testosterone and growth hormone while building noticeable, head-turning muscle WITHOUT  all the negative side effect of dangerous drugs
And to build a body that’s attractive and get stares from the opposite sex when you walk by.
Since I’ve begun sharing my secrets...
100’s of guys in 174 countries have used these EXACT techniques to pack on lean hard rock muscle in the shortest time possible WITHOUT drugs or BOGUS supplements. My desire is for you to experience the same thing for yourself. 
I have put together a step by step system which will unlock the muscle building hormones hidden inside your body.
This course will increases testosterone……growth hormone…leanness and mass... and is based ALL on science.
Quite simply:.. as long as you apply and use these "4 specialized techniques"... EVERY workout you try from today will result in bigger, stronger and leaner muscles and you will do it without exposing yourself to injury.
These specialized techniques are so powerful, they’re the core of creating the most amount of testosterone and growth hormone.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness To Learn and Have an Open Mind

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Experience a body-altering effect that feels unlike anything else. It's time to grow again by awakening every untapped and underutilized muscle fiber.
  • Learn techniques that will help to ensure every single workout is a winning workout and that out-performs the previous workout.
  • Maximize every single ounce of your strength potential and catapult you physique into the next league.
  • Build “Confidence Boosting Muscle” that leaves you UN-Stoppable!
  • Combine the right muscle groups that leads to more strength

Who is the target audience?

  • Men Who Want to Build STRENGTH, SIZE and Burn Body FAT
  • Men Who Are Serious About changing Their Physique
  • Men Who Have Low Testosterone
  • Men Who Need a NEW Muscle Building/Fat Loss Strategy to Reach Goals

[GET] Udemy - Start Making Comics with Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint

Start Making Comics with Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint

Learn to Make Comic Strips, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, & Illustrated Books: Essential Training From Zero to Superhero

Course Description

If you want to make professional comics, then you want to work digitally. Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint is the cutting edge of comics software. Better for making comics than Photoshop and other art programs, it gives you infinite possibilities for telling your story. It has tons of tools designed just for comics, and it is the program of choice among professional comic artists.
Any type of story can be told with comics: Fantasy, superhero, mystery, science fiction, historical, western, nonfiction, romance, autobiographical, hard-boiled detective -- there is no limit to your imagination. New artists and storytelling techniques are being discovered every day. As the web becomes more visual, graphic storytelling is more important than ever. You can be part of this revolution.
Today there are more ways to release comics than ever before. You can work for a major publisher (like DC, Marvel, and Image), use a small press to print comics, put comics on a web page, release comics in digital formats like PDF and CBZ files, self-publish for Kindle, and much more. This course will give you tools to start doing all these things.
In over six hours of detailed lessons, I will give you a complete tour of Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint, show you how to set up your story, use every tool and effect, add colors and letters, and create an awesome product you can share with the world.
There's no reason to wait. You can start making comics TODAY. Sign up now to begin your career in comics.

What are the requirements?

  • Manga Studio 5 or Clip Studio Paint software (they are more or less identical).
  • A PC or Mac that can run the software.
  • A drawing tablet or other device that will let you draw digitally (a mouse will work but is not recommended).
  • A basic understanding of drawing is helpful, but not required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Sketch and ink directly in Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.
  • Set up comic book pages and storylines.
  • Import your artwork into the software and modify it digitally.
  • Add color to artwork, including effects and gradients.
  • Start painting digitally.
  • Use an enormous library of materials, patterns, and 3D models in your art.
  • Add lettering, captions, speech balloons, thought balloons, and other text effects.
  • Letter with any font in your comic (I'll also show you how to install thousands of free fonts).
  • Print your finished comic.
  • Turn your finished comic into a PDF or CBZ file. This file can be opened by comic apps on your iPad or other tablet, phone, or desktop.
  • Use my favorite keyboard shortcuts and auto-actions to work up to 50% faster.
  • Use filters and tonal corrections to add special effects to your art.
  • Use layers to make art that would be impossible on paper.
  • Customize your workspace for a fast and efficient workflow.
  • Use grids and rulers to give your work a professional look.
  • Modify your art by cropping, resizing, copying, rotating, erasing, transforming, distorting, blurring, and much, much more.
  • Use layer clipping and layer masks to make difficult art techniques easy.
  • Use vectors to gain additional control over your art.
  • Save files that can be opened in Photoshop and retain layers.
  • Make illustrated books.
  • Develop a workflow to build a comic or illustrated story from scratch.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to start making comics.
  • Artists who want to start working digitally with Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.
  • Anyone interested in learning the essentials of digital coloring.
  • Artists who want to make a PDF or CBZ file of their comic or art portfolio. This file can be used on an iPad, tablet, computer, phone, and elsewhere.
  • Anyone who wants to start lettering digitally with fonts or hand-lettering.
  • This course is NOT limited to "manga" artists - you can use ANY art style in the program!

[GET] Udemy - Wordpress For Beginners: Create a Professional Website

Wordpress For Beginners: Create a Professional Website

Wordpress development for beginners! Learn how to create a beautiful website without any code.

Course Description

Join Over 11,698 Students and Sign Up to one of My Courses Today!
Last Updated: February 20th, 2016.
Creating a website for your business online doesn't have to be complicated and stressful or even remotely hard at all - all you need is a good understanding of how Wordpress works.
My name is Robin Haney and I am a Web developer, Blogger, Author, Internet Marketer and SEO specialist. I have been created websites online for over 8 years and have been loving it ever since.
In this course you are going to learn how you can easily build a website for your own/someone's business. In this course we are going to cover:
  • Picking a domain name for your website and hosting it online.
  • The pros and cons of free website hosts and self-hosted websites online.
  • How to hook-up your domain name to your hosting account in no time.
  • How to install Wordpress in a matter of minutes.
We are also going to be working in wordpress where you will learn how to do the following:
  • Navigate and work within the Wordpress interface with confidence and clarity.
  • Adding content to our website by publishing posts and pages as well as formating our content so it looks all nice and pretty.
  • Adding images and video to your website.
  • Installing and customizing Wordpress Themes.
  • Installing plugins and drastically changing the way our Website operates.
  • Adding and working with widgets so you can easily customize all areas of your website.
  • Learn how to SEO optimize your Wordpress website to get extra organic SEO traffic.
Here are some reviews from students who have already taken the course:
Michael Choke - Actionable knowledge, not just pure information, communicated with great professionalism
N S Gaskin - Awesome course on wordpress! Goes very deep in each and every concept. Thanks Robin!
Mike Hall - I have taken 11 courses till date on the same topic, but the amount of knowledge I got in such a short span of time was amazing. Thanks a lot, Robin!
I created this course so that everyday people can reap the rewards of taking their business online. This course is also great for beginners learning how to get started in web development and design or for anyone who just wants to learn how to use Wordpress effectively.
I really enjoy designing websites and creating online businesses and now you can too.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Computer Skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Confidently Work in Wordpress and Create Websites
  • Learn How To Go From Beginner To Expert In Wordpress
  • Start Designing and Building Websites For Clients
  • Have a Basic Understanding of How Search Engine Optimization Works

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyday People
  • Internet Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Beginner Web Developers