Monday, November 27, 2017

[GET] Udemy - Shopify Dropship Store: Newbies Basic Guide to Drop Shipping

Shopify Dropship Store: Newbies Basic Guide to Drop Shipping

Newbies guide to getting started on Shopify, Dropshipping, Aliexpress and Alibaba


Have internet access and mobile phone, Mac or PC
Know basic internet skills and willing to try new concepts
Be willing to try something new!

Shopify Dropship Store: Newbies Basic Guide to Drop Shipping

In this class you will learn the essentials of starting you own home business from home with Shopify. Learn how to escape from 9-5 by learning how to build a Shopify store and the foundation of a successful online arbitrage business. This course will teach you how to start a Shopify store, learn the basics about Alibaba and Aliexpress and the concepts needed to master online arbitrage.

In this course you will learn...

1) Register your account

2) How to open a Shopify Store fast

3) Learn the basics about Alibaba

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to learn about Shopify
Students who wants to learn about Alibaba

]GET] Udemy - Passive Income From Scratch - Make Money While You Sleep

Passive Income From Scratch - Make Money While You Sleep

How To Start Creating Your Own Passive Income Streams Using The Internet So You Can Start Living Your Life On Your Terms


Internet Connection
A Will To Earn a Passive Income
UPDATED 27/11-17

This Course Is For You Who...       

Are having a will to put in the hard work that it takes to start earning Money Online.
Have an Open mind that Everything is possible.
A desire to start Money online but don't know where to begin.
Have you ever wondered how it would be making 1000s Of Dollars Online, but you don't know where to start?

So did we!

After Bulding A Youtube Channel, A Email-List, A Blog, Affiliate Marketing, Online Courses and more to it, we now want to show you that building a Passive Income Online really works.

Today we are living in a unique time with loads of opportunities for online small businesses.

The technology is today in a  rapid growth and the possibilities to start earning money passively is getting easier and easier. Are you ready to build a system that earns you money while you are sleeping, traveling, working out or hanging out with your kids? It's possible to do that, starting today!

So Where To Start?

In this course you're going to learn how you can start earning money online by creating  different passive income streams. We will teach you how and why you should start doing this today.

What You Will Learn In This Course.

What a passive income is
Different methods of passive income
How to use the different passive income methods
How to make money with the different methods
Which one of these methods of passive income that's best to start with.
How to get smarter building your passive income to live the life you desire.

Read This..

We really want you to be pumped up to start making a passive income and we hope you are ready. We also want to be clear with that it will take time and a lot of effort to get the results you desire. If are you ready to put in the work that's needed to start making money passivly, then what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Who is the target audience?
Anyone Tired of a 9-5 Life
Driven People
People Wanting to Help People

[GET] Udemy - The Complete Online Teaching Masterclass: 5 Courses in 1

The Complete Online Teaching Masterclass: 5 Courses in 1

How to generate 6 figures teaching online on Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific, Gumroad & other platforms (Unofficial)



  • You need a computer with good internet access
  • You need a microphone of some kind (build-in laptop microphone is fine as well)
  • An open mind for new concepts
Would you like to generate a re-occurring six figure income with online video courses? And do you want to know how I did exactly that by selling my courses on Udemy, Thinkific, Gumroad, DigiStore24 and Skillshare? Then this course is for you! 
My name is Leon Chaudhari and I now already serve more than 23.000 students in 27 courses on Udemy. With my company Teaching Hero, I now already published more than 20 BESTSELLING courses on Udemy! 
In this course, I will show you step by step how to plan, create, sell and promote online video courses! We will cover 5 different online video course publishing platforms and I will lay out how I generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in pure profits off these platforms. 
We will start off by learning how to generate massive profits on Udemy. I will give my success strategies and I will show you step by step how I created more than 20 bestselling courses here on Udemy. 
Afterwards we will talk about Gumroad. You will learn how to create your own subscription and membership side, how to generate leads with free products, generate massive upsellscreate course landing pages and promote your courses via Facebook Ads.  
Then, we will cover Thinkific, a online course hosting platform. I will show you how to set up your own online school, look for and generate affiliates for your products, create course, promote them and build your brand. 
Then, we will focus on Skillshare. We will together learn how to create courses, publish and brand them successfully, how to promote them via Facebook groups & generate thousands of minutes in monthly watch time which will results in considerable profits. 
What will you be able to do after you finished watching this course? 
  1. Generate a reoccurring 6-figure income from your online video courses
  2. Master the art of planning, creating, promoting and selling online video courses
  3. Find your online teaching niche & generate bestselling course ideas
  4. Dominate on video course publishing platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific & Gumroad
  5. Promote your courses via Facebook ads to millions of people from all over the world
  6. Set up your own video course recording studio at home with very little money 
  7. and much more! 
In this course, I will for the first time reveal my teaching secrets and show you how I make 6 figures every single year selling online courses. 
When you are finished with this course, you will have your online teaching business set up and ready to go.
Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, thats why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.
Also, I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee!
It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever. 
Go ahead and click the 'take this course' button right now and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling! 
Yours sincerely,
Leon Chaudhari 
- instructor - 
Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to generate a re-occurring 6-figure income with online video courses
  • (Upcoming) Entrepreneurs who would like to become location-independent and want to be able to manage their business from anywhere in the world
  • People who have a strong passion for teaching and want to build a brand in that regard
  • Everyone who wants to quit their 9-5 job and wants to make a living from teaching online

Thursday, August 31, 2017

[GET] Udemy - Marketing Strategy: Best Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques

Marketing Strategy: Best Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques

NEW Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing Psychology & Price Psychology, Marketing Funnel, Branding & Growth Hacking


  • No Prior Knowledge Or Work Is Necessary To Take This Course.
  • Download The Book Sections For Future References
  • Pen And Paper For Precious Notes
Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing Psychology & Price Psychology, Marketing Funnel, Branding & Growth Hacking
Most people encounter advertisement every single day and make buying decisions quicker than ever, but you are losing these sales to your competitors who knows how to effectively do digital marketing.
The good news is you can change that now.
Get your strategies together and dominate the market. My complete Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to build an effective marketing strategy that will attract and convert your target market into sales.
For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. J
What Is In This Course?
Your Marketing Strategies Will Never Be The Same.
Except if you’re already a successful life coach with more than enough quality clients or already know how to get someone from where they are to where they want to be, you are going to lose your clients by not getting them results or will be forced to quit this business for having no clients. You can prevent this from happening by knowing how to build a clientele and get your clients the results they want.
As what Roy H. Williams says “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”
This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.
In Digital Marketing Strategies, You'll Learn:
  • Online & Offline SEO
  • SEO Keywords Research
  • Viral Marketing For A Long-Term Business
  • Paid Advertising On Social Media
  • Marketing & Price Psychology
  • Customer Behavior
  • Products Promotions
  • Chain Of Distribution
  • Global Trends
  • Competitive Analysis For Smarter Marketing
  • Social Proofing For Better Conversion Rate
  • AIDA Marketing Model
  • How To Use BCG Matrix
  • Brand Consistency Across All Marketing Channels And Campaigns For Trust Building
  • Urgency, Scarcity And Anchoring Psychology
Is This For You?
  • Do you want to become a better online marketer?
  • Are you wondering why you’re marketing strategies are not working?
  • Do you think you will feel proud when you can create efficient marketing campaigns and grow your business the right way?
Then this course will definitely help you.
This course is essential to anyone looking to establish a strong marketing strategy, make more sales from smart techniques and have the right foundations for their business.
I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.
Why To Have A Marketing Strategy?
Let Me Show You Why To Have A Marketing Strategy:
1. You will have an efficient way of generating sales and getting new customers.
1. You will grow a business with exponential growth.
3. You will understand how to create good marketing strategies  
4. You will know how to reach business goals and accomplish marketing objectives the smart way. 
5. You will know consumers and marketing psychology.
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. You can be sure you're going to absolutely love it, and I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you inside it! 
Why wait any longer?
Click the green "Buy Now" button, and take my course 100% risk free now!
Who is the target audience?
  • Any Individuals Looking To Build Strong Business Strategies
  • Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Etc.
  • Everyone Interested In Marketing Strategies And Knowing The Secrets To Build A Long-Term Successful Business
  • This Is NOT For People Looking To Get Rich Quick With Shady Marketing Techniques

[GET] Udemy - Business Fundamentals: Marketing Strategy

Business Fundamentals: Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy fundamentals: The art of selling your products through superb Marketing efforts



  • The course is suitable for people with business education and for people without business education
If you want to be a business owner or a corporate executive whose job involves business decisions, then you will certainly need to master three fundamental disciplines:
  • Business Strategy
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing Strategy
There is no way around that. It is possible to be an entrepreneur and a CEO with an engineering background and without an MBA or a business degree; what is not possible is being either of those things without having a clue about:
  • Building a Marketing plan
  • Conducting marketing research
  • Collecting primary data for marketing research
  • Performing client segmentation
  • Selecting a target customer group
  • Understanding the 4Ps of Marketing
  • Classifying a firm’s products
  • The importance of product branding
  • Subtleties of product packaging
  • Understanding the factors shaping product pricing
  • The right way to approach product pricing
  • Organizing product distribution
  • Setting up an effective promotional campaign
  • Working with the four Ps of Marketing in a dynamic environment
  • Establishing and Tracking KPIs
  • Calculating and monitoring Customer Lifetime Value
Understanding these topics will make a huge difference for you if you have decided to pursue a business-related career – be it as an entrepreneur or a corporate executive.
This is why we created this course for you! Each of the topics listed above is explained in a clear and effective way and we make sure to provide plenty of practical examples that will help you reinforce what you have learned. These examples make it even more fun and easy to understand. In addition, we have prepared a ton of supplemental resources for you:  quiz questions with explanations, course notes, PDF files, and so on.
And it gets even better! If you complete 50% of the course you will gain access to our Business Strategy course, and if you complete 100% you get access to Management and Motivation.
So, what are you waiting for?
Click the “Take this course” button and let’s begin this journey together!
Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Business executives
  • Marketing executives
  • MBA graduates
  • Students who want to learn how to set up a successful business venture

Friday, August 18, 2017

[GET] Udemy - Become an Android Developer from Scratch

Become an Android Developer from Scratch
Simply the best place to start learning Android Development
  • Modern laptop or computer


Do you want to build applications for the most popular operating system in the world?
Do you want the opportunity to put your apps on over 1 billion devices?
"Become An Android Developer From Scratch” is designed to be the best first step to launching your career as an Android Developer. Whether you've never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, if you're truly inspired to learn Android Development, this is where you need to start.
This course has been in development for over two years, continuously perfected through research and testing in training bootcamps throughout the US. It represents a collaboration between a professional educator with over 20 years of experience in helping people learn and a professional mobile developer who has helped companies like Sony, Verizon, and nVidia build stunning mobile applications.
Starting with how the Java programming language works and progressing all the way to advanced Android concepts, you will get expertly produced instruction, visually descriptive explanations of deep concepts, screencasts that talk you through not just the “how” but also the “why,” and code challenges to test yourself and mark your progress.
Here’s what students are saying:
“Very clean and well done. Covers everything that you need to know for getting started whether you know how to code starting out or not. If you are at a loss trying to start making android apps this is the course for you.”
“I like this course, this would transform any normal person to a full fledged android developer.”
“This one is, by far, the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and genuinely well put together one of the bunch.”
“Inspirational! - got me over the hump (complete android beginner)”
Why it’s working...
One of the things we're most excited to offer with this course is access to the inner workings of the mind of a professional mobile developer. Throughout the course you will be able to listen in as our Learning Scientist teases apart all the thoughts that run through a professional mobile developer’s mind as he’s writing the code you will learn to create. It’s like sitting down in a movie with the writer, director, and lead actor. But in this case, it’s all in support of your transformation from novice to professional.
You will build several applications throughout the course, and the starting point for each project (as well as solutions to each challenge) will be available for download. You will also get all the visuals and info-graphics used throughout the course for reference and study.
"Become An Android Developer From Scratch" will give you a new, richer perspective on how mobile devices work. After you’ve completed this rigorous, challenging, and super fun course, you will be able to create your own apps, deploy to the Google Play store, and even interview for a job anywhere in the world.
The real value...
The most important thing you will get from completing this course is the confidence to say “I’m an Android Developer!” You’ll be able to interact with other students and professionals in the Android community with pride and self-assuredness. You’ll also become an independent learner, able to discern where to go for information and how to continue advancing your skills.
No course is going to make you into an expert. It’s up to you to challenge yourself and find your path to making the apps you dream about. Become an Android Developer from Scratch is the best place to begin. Are you ready to get started?
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners
  • Web developers looking to get into mobile
  • Programmers who haven't programmed in Java
  • Aspiring Android developers
  • Anyone with a good idea and the drive to create it

Monday, July 3, 2017

[GET] Udemy - Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Demonstrations

Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Demonstrations
Master the art of conversational hypnosis by watching Scott Jansen in action and learn from LIVE demonstrations

  • Experience in hypnosis from study and clients
Course Description:
If there was a secret key to mastering hypnosis it would be what you are about to witness. If you are familiar with Dr. Milton Erickson and other great Hypnotherapists like him, you will find common reports from their students stating that the best things they ever learned were from watching their master and mentor in action.
So we are heading in the same direction to give you a front row seat to Scott Jansen in action.
Nowhere else will you get access to this footage and advanced thinking when it comes to conversational hypnosis.
Who is Scott Jansen?
  1. 18+ years as a full time therapist
  2. Clients ranging from Hollywood A-List celebs, Professional sports stars, professional athletes, singers and entertainers
  3. Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy
  4. Best selling author on hypnosis
  5. And much more
So what does this mean for you ?
This means you get to witness and study Scott Jansen in action as he demonstrates his skill through these conversational hypnosis demonstrations. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn advanced conversational hypnosis