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[GET] Udemy - Tips and Tricks on Making Mobile Game Graphics - non artists

Tips and Tricks on Making Mobile Game Graphics - non artists

Quick & simple techniques on creating game graphics when you are not an artist/graphic designer, and want to draw art 
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Hello and thank you for your interest in this course about the tips and tricks on making game graphics when you’re not an artist!
My name is Yohann, I’m an iPhone programming college instructor and engineer.
Yes you heard that right! I am NOT a graphic designer! And guess what, with the techniques I’m about to show you, you will quickly understand that there is no need to be an artist to make decent game graphics!
All you need is to take this course, as I will be showing you step by step how I’m customizing the graphics of an iPhone game, a candy crush clone!
It’s easy and super fast. you can get an iPhone game ready to publish in a couple hours!(Android or Window Phones too). If this sounds to good to be true, then don’t wait any longer and join the course now!

[GET] Udemy - The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Mobile Web

The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Mobile Web

The mobile web is here. Right now! Learn how to market your business on the mobile web. Stay ahead of your competitors! 
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This class is based on the book, The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Mobile Web; and hosted by the book's author, Deltina Hay.
Topics covered include:
  • What is the Mobile Web
  • Why you need a Mobile Website
  • Mobile Website Solutions
  • Mobile Website Issues
  • An Introduction to Mobile Apps
  • Mobile App Solutions
  • Mobile App Issues
  • Other Mobile Marketing Tactics

[GET] Udemy - Writing Fit: Creativity Coaching for Writers

Writing Fit: Creativity Coaching for Writers

Become a more creative writer by developing the software of your mind and hardware of your brain
If you want to be a bestseller, you don't have to write like one. You have to think like one.

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Using this unique creative writing course you grow your own

creative brain the way your favourite bestselling writers

Eight full hours of downloadable audio training you can

listen to while driving*, crafting or relaxing to power up

your creativity.

What do bestselling authors and other creative writers have

that makes them so creative? Quite simply, their brains are


This course, using a brand new training method called CGP,

shows you a way you can literally reprogram your own brain

for better writing creativity, and the change is going to be

permanent, or as permanent as you want it to be.

You see, you write with your mind and your brain, not a

dictionary or a grammar book. You create ideas from your

mind, not cookie cutter templates of how to structure a


So it follows that if you want to be as creative as the most

successful bestselling writers and win literary prizes you

need to do some work on your brain, because once you do that

you can eat tutorials on narrative flow, character

development and subtext for breakfast... and still have room

for Corn Flakes®.

In this course you will be shown how to develop your

authentic creative genius using CGP – a new methodology for

creative self development, transforming the way you think

about ideas & nurturing your brain, while learning to drink

effortlessly from your own original and bottomless well of

creativity. It's easy and natural because it uses naturally

occurring processes in the brain to do all the work. This is

the same way that creative geniuses got the way they are,

you are just doing it faster and on purpose.

The training consists of learning the intimate life cycle of

ideas; the secrets to developing your brain circuitry for

creative use; and mind training tricks to develop the

perfect mental state for creativity.

On the subject of the perfect brainwave states for

creativity and as an example that successful authors use

these techniques, even if they don't know it, check out this

video of bestselling crime author Patricia Cornwell talking

about her favourite place to create. The watching and

listening to the water she talks about is a form of Alpha

Technique, almost a meditation. And it clearly works because

as you may know she is mind-blowingly successful.

Anyway, that's more than enough introduction and

explanation, let's get to it.

*NB: The base modules of the course may be enjoyed while

driving but audio enhanced Alpha techniques should not be

listened to while driving or operating machnery.

[GET] Udemy - Actionscript 3 Side Scrolling Games

Actionscript 3 Side Scrolling Games

Use Flash and Actionscript 3 to program a side scrolling game that could be played online, on Android, or iOs

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Justin Dike, lead developer and owner of

teaches every step in programming a side scrolling Flash

game with Actionscript 3. Use the arrow keys to move a

character around and attack while traversing a vector based

environment (you can easily draw the entire level to play on

using vector shapes or movie clips.

Also included is alternate code to use with a mobile

device's accelerometer (tested on the Android & iPhone OS).

Topics include:

    Add new classes for different enemies.
    Add new classes for objects like coins to collect.
    Swap in new art to easily create new levels (just cut

and paste, or draw in new art).
    Add more levels, including animation that the player

could collide with.
    Add more objectives (items to pick up or areas on the

board to go to)
    Adjust how many enemies are on stage, where they spawn

from, and how often they appear.
    Change the physics of the game, speed or attack

intensities of the enemies

As usual with Justin's tutorials, source files are included.

[GET] Udemy - TUSK - Winning Project Management Framework for Executives

TUSK - Winning Project Management Framework for Executives

Practical practices and outcome based project management 

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The Ultimate Skills (TUSK) Program are main skills and

competencies required for the current workforce and leaders

to excel in modern jobs and organizations. It has been

developed based on creative and intelligent understanding of

the organization challenges and its aspirations to become

adaptive to change in the "new normal" environment. The four

main skills are: Project Management Skills, Consulting

Skills, Selling Skills and Leadership Skills.



Winning Project Management Framework program has only one

goal; to give you the know-how to get your project launched

(take-off) and sustaining it. A lot of project failed

because they failed to launch; sadly everything is wasted.

:( You will learn the winning Project Management Framework


Our focus is by taking a hard look at the Project Manager

himself/herself. The target groups are Business and

Community Leaders, Young Executives (The Millennials) and

Students. This group represents the large-base of aspiring

and growing project managers who run little projects that

make big impact to societies; e.g. outreach and engagement

programs, corporate responsibility (CR) events, product

launches, budget and new business pitch, concerts and

contests, internship, lifelong learning and so on.

My commitment as follows:

a) Live Session (with minimum 10 delegates or when


b) Email reply within 48 hours

c) Project Management Coaching/Advisory

d) All Access and Downloadable Guides and Templates

e) Additional Contextual Contents and Materials (Lifetime)

f) Personal Effectiveness Mastery

g) Digital Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded

upon completion

Methods used are Accelerated Learning and Hands-On Training.

You will get to do real project and real time training. I

have scheduled 12 Lectures, 10 minutes - 20 minutes each. I

really pray that you have a good internet connection.

Well, I hope you'll sign up Winning Project Management

Framework program. See you in class.


[GET] Udemy - Photoshop Learn to create UI elements in less than 2 hours using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop : Learn to create UI elements in less than 2 hours using Adobe Photoshop

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UI elements and UI kits are the most sought out things on

the web by designers or front end developers. Every

individual who's working on a huge website or a mobile app

would definitely find uses for ui elements. Some designers

go a step further and sell the ui elements online.

Boost your Photoshop skills by taking this practical course

on how to create a User interface elements. The course will

take you through the process of creating user interface

elements in Photoshop step by step. And as a bonus, you'll

also get to download the User Interface elements of both web

and mobile.

In this course, we'll cover:

    Choosing colors and fonts
    Creating color swatches
    And finally jumping to Photoshop and creating user

interface elements

The UI elements we are going to create are the following:

    Progress bars
    Text Fields
    Check Boxes
    Radio Buttons
    Toggle switches

Toggle switches are going to be created in 3 different

styles by an easy way of learning to modify elements. The

course gives you tools that will help you create any element

with ease. I hope you enjoy and learn from this course.

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[GET] Udemy - The ABCs of Instructional Design

The ABCs of Instructional Design

A systematic step by step approach to instructional design. 
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This workshop is designed to simplify course or  unit design by modeling a systematic approach to instructional design. Unit and  course design is by nature complex, but in this workshop we will apply 2  instructional design models to help us break down the design process into more  manageable units: the ADDIE Model and the Understanding By Design (UBD) Model. Case studies, assessment tasks, instructional websites, videos, and supplemental readings have been carefully selected to model the practical application of the design models.
If you are a secondary or higher education teacher, teaching fully online or looking for a way to supplement your face-to-face instruction with online instruction, you will find one or more sections of this course valuable as you plan, create, and implement an online learning environment. The course is self-paced and designed with the expectation that students will review the content according to their specific requirements. Discussion is a critical component of the instruction and we encourage interaction between students and with the facilitator(s) in the course discussion forum.